Restraining Order Defense In Massachusetts – Law, Practice and Commentary


This book will help lawyers with practical strategy and tacts on how to defend against domestic abuse protection orders under Mass. General Laws Chapter 209A.

It explains all procedures and strategies for both beginning lawyers and very experienced ones. It also has a comprehensive “quick start” outline which explains the whole process.

This book helps you put together a case strategy, contains extensive cross exam scripts, analyzes virtually every key appellate case opinion, and addresses pretty much any topic touching restraining orders, such as dealing with the Dept. of Children and Families, surly teenagers, firearms, crazy clients, and even the political problems.

In short, this book answers every question or problem you may run into in defending a restraining order case.


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Restraining Order Defense In Massachusetts – Law, Practice and Commentary

Family Legal Publishing , 664 Pages,  55 chapters, 8 ½ x 11, 450 footnotes, Copyright 2020

Here is the first book for Massachusetts lawyers that will show you how to defend against a Chapter 209A restraining order. It is heavy on strategy, tactics, samples of witness examinations, and traps for the unwary.

It even has a “quick start” guide showing all sixteen steps to prepare a case for the most successful outcome possible.

Someone starting to learn restraining order defense will find all the basics here, which so many books skip. It also contains deep analysis of the key appellate cases and concepts for advanced evidentiary hearings and appeals.

This book explains how to handle cases where the Dept. of Children and Families is involved, in divorces, in dating relationships, and what to do about surly teenagers. It covers basics like how to get evidence into the record, how to help clients testify and even how the new pet restraining order law works. (Yes, man’s best friend can even get one against the man.)

The book also contains a large collection of sample documents, such as motions, affidavits and forms. It even has the hilarious restraining order application from a crazy David Letterman fan from New Mexico who thought he was sending signals to her through his late night TV program and wanted to marry her. Yes, the judge issued an order.

It also contains several chapters about what to do if you lose, such as how to bring motions to terminate, how to start an appeal, how to deal with gun rights, and to avoid criminal prosecution.

The book is based on comprehensive study of the law, case opinions, and judicial standards for abuse protection proceedings issued by the Commonwealth. Even though it is focused on actual courtroom preparation and practice, it also also 450 footnotes, so it will serve as a tremendous resource for appellate counsel as well.

In short, if it involves questions about any aspect of restraining orders, you will find the answers here.





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